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The Robot Empire Story

Robots are now in control of the universe but they are at war with each other. Robot armies led by their special Robot leaders known as Master Machines have gathered their armies together to wipe out all opposition. Alien Monster races have long ago been conquered by the Robot Legions and now serve their Robot Masters. The same is true for the Human race which now performs duties for the mechanical masters (actions such as attacks, repairs, sabotage, theft, etc.)

Each Master Machine has his own band of Monster Mercenaries and Human Agents which serve and fight for their Robot Masters. Each army can also employ various Long Range Rocket weapons, as well as special, powerful Super Weapons which are single use ulta power packing killer devices!

To run and maintain a Robot Army, Power Coins (constructed from a special energy bearing metal known as Power Metal) are mined and made as a part of Resource Management which can propel or doom an army. How each army manages its Power can be crucial to victory.

Only one Master Machine (and his army) can be victorious and become sole ruler of the whole Robot Empire!!