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Robots are Attacking!

Feel the power as you command a Robot army which grows in strength and resources. Engage in Long Range attacks, Robot vs Robot battles, and resource management to gain control of the whole Robot Empire. This is a fast paced sci-fi card game set in a large space age universe of Robots, Human Agents, Monster Mercenaries, Super Weapons, Mining Activities and so much more. With imagery right out of 1950's science fiction, players will get swept up and immersed in this imaginative and colorful arena.

There are 108 cards total in this Core 2015 Deluxe set with expansion sets already in planning stage.

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Robot Empire Products:

Starter Deck

Complete Deluxe Set

This box comes with the complete 108 card set, enough for 2 to 4 people to start play immediately. Also included in the box are 1 six sided die, and instruction booklet.

Buy $25.99

Starter Deck

Small Box Set

This box comes with the complete 105 card set, enough for 2 to 4 people to start play immediately. Also included in the box are an instruction booklet, but excludes die and Power Tokens. Please use pennies or poker chips as Power Tokens.

Buy $21.99


Monsters Revolt Expansion Deck

Coming Soon. This expansion deck is in the works and will be our first Robot Empire expansion deck. It will heavily feature Monsters strong enough to go head-to-head against their Robot Masters. Now you can verse Robots against Monsters and see if the revolt is successful!!



This is a soft rubber type pad with cloth-like covering. The colors are bright and vibrant and will look great on your desk!

Robot Empire

Customized Deck Building

The fun really takes of into the stratosphere when players begin to build their own individualized decks. Players can include up to 4 of each card in their deck and can have between 50 - 70 card decks. Customized decks let you play the way you like with exta Long Range Weapons or extra Monsters, etc. If you are a player that likes to concentrate on Power Coin production then you will want to include extra coin mining cards and maybe jump jets to get your Robots to those Mining Moons.

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Game Play:

Game Play


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