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With the right Strategy and Robot Empire cards, you can conquer the universe!!

Robot Empire is primarily a battle strategy game. It takes place in a universe where robot armies are fighting for total control. You will take command of your army and battle your opponent with Long Range weapons, Robots, Monster Mercenaries, Agents and Super Weapons.

Power Management in the game is centered around Power Coins (made of a special energizing metal which is mined to create the Power Coins).

Equipment cards are used to build a strong player Base. Powerful bases will have Long Range weapons, Mining and Minting, and Force Fields. Whether you spend your Power Coins on Robots for attacking or Base Force Fields for defense all depends on you!

Moon Mining can be performed to mine a harvest of Power Coins from these orbital moons. However, it will take a flying Robot (diverted from any attack or defense for 2 turns) to accomplish this mining.

Game Strategies

Some players may chose to spend their Power Coins on getting as many Robots into the field as possible. Robots are strong but expensive. Others may try to put many Monster Mercenaries out since they are cheaper and might over-run stronger Robots.

Concentrating on Long Range weapons will help you hit both Robots and Monsters in the field of battle as well as safely tucked away Equipment at enemy Base camps (such as Force Fields and Missile Launchers, etc).

And, of course, power management is crucial. Can you get Mines and Mints into your Base and protect them with Force Fields. Will you divert some Robot to land on Moons and mine? Those would all be powerful strategies!

Please check out our 15 minute game DEMO video (Updated video coming soon)

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